Myranda Hyer is currently a student working towards her associate’s degree in graphic design, with hopes to graduate and work in the advertising field. She also works part-time as a Support Lead at 5 Below, which is a $5 store that sells items from clothes to cheap electronics; She runs shifts and supervises the overall well-being of the store.

Myranda has dabbled in freelance for her friends and family as well as for her part time workplace; her favorite programs to use would be Photoshop and Illustrator but she can use the majority of the Adobe and Microsoft programs for various project requirements. She created an initial logo for a quartet in her chorus Kentucky Blend as well as their revised logo. Her dad asked her to create a logo for his company’s concrete school as well as the advertising flyer that was used to announce it. For her job, she was asked to create a poster for the 2019 Easter egg hunt that takes place at her work. However the poster was not approved for a full size print out and instead was converted into miniature flyers or “bag stuffers” that were handed out to the customers that came up to the counters.

In high school Myranda participated in the marching band for all four years, starting as a flute player for her freshmen year and being asked to become the drum major for the remaining 3 years. (The drum major is the conductor for the band, not a percussion player.) During high school she also worked part- time jobs at Cracker Barrel as a hostess then at 5 Below as a cashier.

In her spare time Myranda participates in a women’s barbershop chorus called Bluegrass Harmony. A barbershop chorus is one that sings in four different parts, tenor (the highest part), lead (the melody), baritone (the part that fills in the blanks for each song), and bass (the lowest part). Her chorus competes in both regional and international competitions against other choruses from across the country. In compliance with the chorus Myranda formed a quartet with three other members of the chorus called Monarch quartet. Same as the chorus, the quartet competed in the 2019 area 4 region competition and qualified for the international competition that takes place in November of 2019.

Aside from work, school and chorus Myranda spends her time with her dog Zoe (pronounced Zoey), reading books and sketching in one of many drawing pads. She also enjoys binge watching Netflix and Hulu shows such as My Hero Academia or Criminal Minds. She also enjoys traveling (either to other states or other countries), putting puzzles together with her mom, and playing card games with her friends on the weekends.

Myranda is currently developing her brand HyerMedia and looking for new opportunities to get her name out in the world. You can contact her through her website, social media, or her email address.

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